Which CFAI is easy to get through until Schweser comes out late october

Hello, anyone can gimme some pointers which book to study from CFAI material until Kaplan’s comes out at late october? Besides Ethics. Since CFAI text is not as simple as Kaplan’s i was wondering what would u suggest to be an easy reading beside ethics?

Schweser has online access right now for early release (you pay $1 only for that option). Unfortunately you cannot print it - if someone has figured that part out, I would love to know. There was a discussion about doing a pdf for vital source - unfortunately that process did not work for me.

Why not start with accounting…the most important part.

Or read the ethics book. You really should read the CFAI ethics book 5 times to prepare. Might as well get one go through out of the way.

If I were you, I’d read the most important section - Equity I saved Ethis til the end because it’s too common sense…but equity involves alot of topics that are pretty demanding so you could get an early start on this topic…may help

+1 to equity

Equity it is then. Thanx all

wizofoz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Equity it is then. Thanx all Good choice - 20-25% of the exam.