which CFAI sample exam?

Which is the hardest sample exam? Or should I really by all the 5? Is it the same like June?

that is a question I meant to ask as well… People who have taken the exams in June before and are taking them again now – are the questions different? CP

I hope I’m not answering a similar question in May.

exam 3 and 5 are the hardest (equally), 1 and 2 are easier, 4 is a joke. the practice exams are the same as in June.

yes. I have taken 4 of them. Some of the material is the same–each exam had lease and cash flow questions under the FSA section. But one would assume the actual exam would have multiples of those, too. But some of the CFAI exams covered things that others didn’t, especially in the lesser weighted sections. In each 60 question exam, you only get a few derivative, portfolio management, fixed income, and equity questions, so to get the broad range you probably have to take all 5. I don’t find a specific test to be more difficult than the next. Each one has just helped me identify some weaknesses.

For those that took the 2006 exams, are the 2007 much different than the 2006? Thanks.

the practice exams are the same as in June??? I did get exam 1,2 and 5 in June… so do I need to take only exam 3 and 4 or did they change the numbers of the test Thanks

Where do you get those sample exams? With the CFAI books?


Thanks you Prossetti…

exam #3 by far the most challenging.

I took CFAI Exam #3 last week and got a 53%. It was the first of any tests I took. Didn’t know it was the hardest when I chose it, just randomly chose #3. Since then, I’ve taken 2 Schweser practice exams (Exam #1 72%, Exam #2 78%) and gone back a little bit over my weak areas based on the outcomes of the Schweser Exams. I took CFAI Exam #1 today and got a 78%. CFAI Exam #3 is by far the hardest of the exams I’ve done so far. When I first took it and got a 53% I was freaking out, but now that I’ve taken some other practice exams I feel a little better. Guess my point is don’t base anything off the results of only one practice exam.

I think part of the problem is you get your results right away for each question. That has been messing with my head as I take them.

yes prosetti that is true. that what happened to me with ethics this morning. got the first 3 wrong and was totally insecure.