Which company has most difficult practice questions/exams?

Does anyone know which company has the most challenging prep questions for the Level II exam? I found Schweser questions too easy for Level I, the real exam questions were more difficult than Schwesers mock exams/Qbank.

Ideally I’d like to get mock exams that are a little bit harder than the real thing, with lots of tricks in the questions.

I agree with this, I would always prefer to practice with harder questions and show up to the test finding it relatively easier; it’s always better to be overprepared. I found Stalla to have harder mock questions than the actual exam was (though the study guide questions weren’t as difficult as EOCs). Of course, Stalla is a moot point for 2012…

Yeah, I heard this about Stalla, it’s a shame we can’t use them anymore. What about BPP, or 7City, does anyone have experience with these?

Anyone else have insight on where to find the most difficult practice questions/mock exams for Level 2?

i am practicing with finquiz for level 2 and i wouldn’t say their questions are hard but i do think they are good - but maybe that is just me getting good marks on easy questions:)

i have found some finquiz questions hard. Unlike item sets provided in curriculum where 1,2 parts are straight and 1,2 difficult while the rest mediocre their item sets have more parts tough. I think its good and helpful in terms of practice. But I would say finquiz questions are relevant.

I have wondered about it too…which questions are harder. but then, we aren’t really looking for hard questions necessarily. we are looking for questions similar to the exam. on my general quest for such place, i found quespedia. there we can create questions, discuss them and use it as flash cards when we need it. see if you think we can use it.

@Penny-wenny. Have you tried finquiz curriculum notes?

i haven’t tried them, no. i am still reading through the curriculum.

I started off with curriculum but its too detailed couldn’t tolerate that… well their curriculum notes are better than their test bank and way more productive than schweser!

Thanks everyone, some good info here. So it looks like finquiz is worth trying. Would everyone using finquiz say that the Notes, Summaries, Test Bank, and Mock exams are all high quality? My company will only pay for me to use 1 set of review materials other than the CFAI, so I want to make sure I choose the right one. Any further advice/reviews before I buy materials (probably in a week and a half) would be greatly appreciated.

I am using their Notes, Summaries & Item set questions they are helping me out. Notes especially if compared to schweser. Regarding Mock, Level I experience was good I guess I have to wait till May for Level II.

Mr. Belaal, as a CFA candidate, don’t you think it would be appropriate to give full disclosure of conflict of interest when you recommend finquiz???

Conflict of interest would only be relevant if he were getting paid by finquiz, he does not directly benefit if other people act on his advice (one way or the other). Maybe he did get it for free, if I missed that…

That is precisely what I am saying. Regardless, Finqz is not even an approved prep provider http://www.cfainstitute.org/partners/examprep/Pages/cfa_prep_provider_prog_participants.aspx

I have nothing to do with schweser or finquiz. except that I used schweser for LI and using FQ fo LII. Just shared my opinion.

Qbank is a joke for L2. I think Schweser Exam Book II, at least from 2011, was probably the hardest selection of questions I found. If you can score 70+ on those three practice exams you’ll be in great shape for the real exam.