Which employer sponsored program should I do: M.P.S. from Cornell, M.S.M. from NYU or an EMBA from SUNY Binghamton?

M.P.S. in Indusrial and Labor relations from Cornell, M.S.M. in non-profit mgmt from NYU or an EMBA from SUNY Binghamton? The above programs will allow me to stay in the NYC area (which is why I chose not to go with the Harvard MPA)

I think you should disclose what you are currently doing and what you want to be doing… Those programs seem pretty irrelevant to investment management.

Soon to be retired military studying for the CFA. At this point, since it’s free, I’m willing to take the education just for the sake of it.

Free education is great. Good luck.

No offense dude, but you’re wasting you’re time - either with those degrees or with the CFA. Those degrees won’t help you get a job in investments, and passing a few CFA levels won’t help with a career in labor relations.

I realize the value of the degree will be limited, but it’s free and on company time (for the MSM and MPS, which is full time. For the EMBA, I’ll work a shortened work week when class is is session)

Those programs will take you no closer to Wall Street than Barber College. If you go to those programs, you might as well throw your CFA books out and quit thinking about a career in finance. Those programs won’t get you a job that qualifies for the CFA. You’ll never get the Charter. So why take the exams?? Let’s face it: You have no experience or knowledge related to finance. You’re only real shot to break in to any legit job is thru an MBA from a reputable program. That means NYU, Cornell or Colombia (in the NY area). And yes, you can probably get into one of these programs due to your rank and command experience. No offense, but you had 20 years to think about life after the army. And now that day is here and you have no firm plan.