which financial newspaper should i read ?

i stay in india…so i have very little knowledge of best financial newspaper available in other countries .only paper or journal i know is wall street journal so i need help in choosing which newspaper to read for USA for London or UK - thanks in advance

financial times

it is usa or uk newspaper ?

uk, but readily available in US.

yeah, read the FT and read The Economist, covers everything you need to know. The Economist is easily available in India, I used to pick it up for 180 rupees and that was 2 years ago.

wall street journal (online.wsj.com) or cnbc (cnbc.com)

bloomberg website, wall street journal, economist, financial times to name a few. These are the best sources for quickest financial news update. If you have access to internet 24/7, bloomberg website is pretty cool for latest news.

FT and WSJ

do you get Barrons in india? its a weekend(saturday only) subscription… great addition to everything mentioned above. if not you should try to get online access… held in very high regard amongst investment managers

the onion

i dont think in india we get barron …

Hindustan Times !!

FT or WSJ. Bloomberg’s also an excellent source. Interesting thing is, when I was still in the US, I found FT to be better than WSJ (I hated having to flip through to another page to finish reading the story). Now that I’m out of the US, I’m finding my subscription to WSJ.com to be more worthy than www.ft.com It might be that FT.com isn’t as updated as WSJ is. Either way both are excellent.

thanks to all any good paper or site for UK financial news ?

Why dyou need to focus on UK finance news anyway? FT I believe has more EUROPEAN biz news than the Journal so it might be your best bet. Otherwise, watching CNBC Europe or something is always a good alternative - whether before u go to work or after you come home from it.

“What’s The Wall Street Journal? Is that good?” - Paris Hilton http://www.legendsofamerica.com/GH-CelebrityStupid8.html

philip.platt Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “What’s The Wall Street Journal? Is that good?” > > - Paris Hilton > > http://www.legendsofamerica.com/GH-CelebrityStupid > 8.html Hahaha Maybe chiank123 can help her answer that question. That would probably make for a good marketing campaign of some sort. An ad from the WSJ to increase readership can carry the line: Because Paris wants to know. HAHHAHAH

WSJ and US Weekly. All you will ever need to read in life

i listen to bloomberg everyday at work. you get the news when it happens(very good for daytrading) plus you learn alot because they always have experts on.