Which industries do you find interesting and why?


i like tech. growing revenue, and growing profits. these are the best companies imo as they often dont require much capex once shit is going!

Adult entertainment industry because the site visits and due diligence can be insightful and very interesting.

Defense - if you get cleared, you work on some cool projects Caveat: sometimes the projects are TS/SCI or something and you can’t talk to other people at the bar about how cool your project is

I’ve liked M&A for a while as well as sustainable growth. One of my main drives to be associated with finance is to target the core essence/passion of a company and use that focus of its core competency to grow the business from a macro perspective. I feel that many companies have good core systems in place with their heart in the right place, without a crystal clear vision and path for success, that impacts their bottom line. Mainly small businesses, but it can occur in larger companies as well as a more systemic issue, involved with politics and the cost of cutting a whole division due to it not being relevant to the markets anymore (and the workers are in denial about the relevancy as they want their jobs, etc - stuff like that).

By “tech” do you mean the new GICS Communications sector?

Liquid alts - by which I mean rare whisky’s, wines, and other spirits.

lol. i liked the upheavel it caused. what a shit show. im curious what your thoughts are on it.

I actually like this space; I think it’s classy. Would be nice to have liquid assets on hand appreciating, but also with the ability to tap into them on special occasions for those people who are very familiar with the worth/value of each sip.

lol i know a dude that buys shit like this cheaply on luquor store, then sells them for 20x in facebook. lotsa suckas.

Construction and Real Estate. Both passionate and honorable industries.

Also like renewable energies.

i recently bought a renewable company that is trading at ridiculously cheap prices and has been growing their profit/fcf/rev. its amazing how cheap they are. this china us trade war has really hit them hard so their guidance has been shoddy and their price has crashed hard! I love companies like this, solid organic future prospects, new tech that is good for the customer and profitable with rising demand!, and short term shit show antics to reduce investment price!

anyways care to explain why you like renewables? and your take?

I’d love to monetize the sht out of AF. We could start a wine club. And market it as “Wine for BSD’s”. Think of the discounts we could purchase wine for, then turn around and sell it to “pretend wine snobs” who’re only buying it because it’s related to a CFA program forum.

lol im down to write that for my oba.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’ll go find the wine companies that want to move product. Then, only the most respected AF forum members will taste them, give them a rating, and a brief synopsis of what it’s all about, then we can instruct the wine club members how to purchase.