Which is better?

Given that I have a fixed number of hours to study in one week, which do you all think is better? 1. Just read Schweser and have more free time to do practice questions 2. Read the official CFA books, gain a deeper understanding of the LOS, and have a limited amount of time to do practice questions FYI most of this material will be new to me… Thanks in advance for the input!

maybe: read the schweser…but refer to the cfa books if you need more detail (which it sounds like you might since the material is new to you)

hi vbcfa, If you’re from oz (which Bluey is) then you will need a lot of vb to get thru… if you’re not from oz, then vb is an oz beer - and you probably can’t buy it where you are unfortunately… back to the question: If a whole topic is new to you, then you really must start with the CFA readings to understand it. Schweser is good for review and practice questions, but won’t teach you the subject matter. You say you have limited amount of time to do practice questions – This is probably the most important part. Do lots of practice questions as you do each LOS and reading. Then spend at least the last couple of weeks doing nothing but practice questions and practice exams. Sorry - there’s no easy way… Now, back to the vb! cheers,

When you said “have a fixed number of hours” to study, that kinda sums it all up. As much as CFA institute books are real thorough and complete, it takes ALOT of time to go through it, and lets be honest…not everyone here got that amount of time. I personally find it much more time-efficient using the Schweser. Its in no way as complete as the institute books, but hey its sufficient. It probably won’t get you a 90%+, but if you put in enough effort, you WILL pass. Hope this helps.

i’m not from oz, but i could surely use a few vbs after reading all of that quant today thanks for the advice, guys!

dont get caught up in the tedious readings. practice tests, once you are ready, will be the biggest help.