which is good site to get Level1 Question

I will appreciate, if someone can advice where to get Level 1 Question. Website link and how much does it cost. thanks

Owaissiv, I’m not sure I understand your question!?! Do you want to purchase a question database for L1 or something else?

From what I hear, the CFA sample exams are the best bang for your buck (5 exams available in total, $50 each, 60 questions each.) These exams cannot be saved and you cannot look over the questions after you had completed them, but people say it’s as close to the real deal as it gets. Alternatively, you could get the Schweser QBank, Stalla Passmaster, ExamForce CramMaster, etc. Not sure which one of those would be the best.

Yes milos, sorry for not making my question clear. Yes looking for Past Questions. Supersharpshooter, please give me the link where i can buy the CFA sample exam. and they come in CD or paper based

owaissiv, you need to do a little more research on the CFA Institute website. You’ll find most of your answers there. Then, check out schweser.com