Which is Harder, Mock1 or Mock2 ???

Need to know how I should look at my meager 70% on Mock1. Maybe I can get it higher next year :frowning:

mock 2


I read some people though Mock 1 was harder.

I scored 68 on 1 and 83 on 2.

wow ozzy. that’s a big difference… were you tired during 1 or something? by the way. i’m working book 7 1pm vignettes. i should probably stop. i’m getting worked.

Hard to say. Both are tough. Between sample exam 1 and sample exam 2 is a little more clear. Just scored 83% on Sample 1. 53% on Sample 2.

ozzy609 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I scored 68 on 1 and 83 on 2. Dude I hope I get a 83% on Mock2. I am freaking out about my borderline scores. thepinkman, last weekend I did the 3PM in Book7 & got a 48% then took the CFAI free sample right after and got an 80%. I HATE book7. I was in the same boat for Sample 1 & 2, got a 60% on the 2nd.

Sounds like we are all pretty close to the same level. I hope its just on the right side of the curve!

We did sign the pledge so we better pass or ilvino will be very, very disappointed.