Which is more important leading up to the exam?

Mock exams or EOCs

If you could do one or the other, which do you choose and why?

If you’re not used to vignettes, the mock exams have the advantage of being in item set form. I’d try to get used to that format.

You should start taking practice/mock exams about mid-April, in my humble opinion. Before then, EOCs and BBs are vital, again, in my humble opinion.

Know the EOCs before you begin the mocks - both are vital but you want to make the time spent doing mocks count so work through the EOCs first.


mocks are going to be closer to your actual exam so mocks are always the most important.

BUT i do encourage you to do EOC’s at laeast on topics you are struggling with.

spend your energy going over things you don’t know instead of things you already know!