Which is the best source to learn financial modeling and valuation online?

Hi All, I’m hoping to get a job in FP&A and want to brush up on my financial modeling, forecasting, and valuation skils.

I know there are lots of posts on here about where to learn financial modeling, and I have commented on several of them myself, but does anyone have any to add other than Wall Street Prep, Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), and Breaking Into Wall Street?

Also, how would you compare any of the above programs with an MBA and a CFA? Obviously an MBA and CFA are far superior in terms of recognigtion, prestige, etc etc but I am looking for a much more cost effective way to learn a lot of material on my own (i.e. do the full 100-200 hours included in the courses). Does the CFA program include much financial modeling? I know MBA programs typically do not.

Any feedback would be much apprecaited. Thanks

All three are similar.

What I would suggest is you check the price and syllabus of each. See what you want out of each program and check if the syllabus/program discription, goes detailed enough in what you want to learn. For example, when researching which one to use i remember seeing modeling for specific industries/sectors. If you are looking into modeling in a specific sector/ondustry check which program offers that specific industry valuation etc.

I have tried wall street prep before, it was good. Most people here would recommend Breaking into Wallstreat though.

CFA does not teach you how to use excel. That you will have to figure out on your own or through the above programs. The CFA will teach you the logic behind the numbers and you will be a calculator master after going through the program. (ill be waiting for your other thread comparing the HP calcuator vs the BA)

You said it yourself you want a more cost affective way to learn a lot of material on your own, therefore go the CFA route with one of the financial modeling providors mentioned above and you should be fine.

I used Wall st prep. Modeled out some companies which helped me land an entry level ER job, buy side.

Can’t speak for MBA but I doubt there is any modeling, and CFA doesn’t have much of it either. It’s an on-the-job skill you have to acquire - these courses are a good start.

Pick the package that applies to the job you are shooting for and have at it.