Which Level III provider to choose?

I am a retaker, I failed twice. The last time was in June 2019… passed L1 and L2 on the first attempt and now I really want to finish this and choose a prep provider for the Aug 23 exam. What are your experiences with Schweser, Mark Meldrum, Wiley, and Deep3 (it seems to focus on retaker but I did not find enough reviews). Thanks a lot for your help.

I’ve taken Kaplan and Deep. Call Gurmeet from Deep and he’ll connect you with past re-takers from his class. Even me if you want. He connected me with a re-taker who failed as many times as me. Made me feel better. I did fail more than you though but I don’t want to post how many times. I’ve been L3 on this board since 2017’ with too many posts to give you an idea. But done!!!

Once you see how the class is setup, you’ll be interested. After I talked to him, it seemed obvious the strategy would work. He’s super nice and only works with I think 100-200 candidates. July 22’ is one of the best memories ever for me when I passed May 22’. I remember crying after pulling over the car. I know, I know, dangerous move driving with my phone.

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:+1: :100: for the pass, :-1: for checking your phone while driving.