Which Markets (S&T) entry-level path to choose?

I am applying for an S&T position at a BB firm which asks to specify interest in either Sales, Trading, Markets Research, or Structuring. Generally speaking, I feel that my strengths and interests lie more in the analytical arena, so I’m ruling Sales out, but can someone flesh out the types of responsibilities/assignments/exposure one will have in the other 3 functions? For example, I know there are often politics around Research people not contributing directly to revenue and thus not getting respect from traders. So while research is something that interests me intellectually, I’m assuming this may not be something I would enjoy doing in practice. I’m leaning towards trading because of the fast pace, steep learning curve, and clear-cut performance evaluation system (via pnl) which ensures a purer meritocracy. Any suggestions from those with direct experience as analysts or associates in the Markets program of any BB is appreciated. Thanks.