Which material for CFA Level 1 Dec 2014?


I am new to this forum so have a very basic question.

I would like to appear for the level 1 dec exam in 2014 and was wondering if I should also buy the Schweser notes from Kaplan? I havent yet registered for the exam but I know once I do that I will receive some material from CFA. Is that sufficient or should I buy Schweser ? Moreover if I buy Schweser should I only study from there or should I refer to CFA material also?

I have 9 months so guess thats ample time but I really want to pass in first go like everyone else :slight_smile:

Any suggestions will be appreciated



I’m also doing the Level 1 December Exam. I registered a couple of weeks ago. I read through the CFA material they gave me, and i pretty much think its enough; a little too much if you ask me. But note, i’m a final year Finance major, so most of the stuff i have a fair idea of. I also did get the Schweser material mainly because of the computerised Question Bank and the 6 practice exams they offer, which i think is more than enough.

Your study pattern depends on you. You have 9 months to study for it. Plenty of time. What im doing is reading through the CFA material first, then reading through the corresponding Schweser notes and then answering questions related to the topic i read.

Thanks a lot. This is something what I also had in mind. However I am in full time work now so maybe need to put in more effort. Regarding Schweser I am going to buy the essential study package which has the meterial and the 6 exams. Hope thats more than sufficient.

Yeah, the essential study package is good. That’s what i got. More than enough in my opinion.

No matter what study material you use, make sure that you do the examples and practice problems from the curriculum. These are the best indication of what will be tested on the exam. Remember, it is the CFA Institute that creates the actual exam… not anyone else!


Arif Irfanullah