Which media gurus do you listen to? Why?

Are there any good CNBC pundits (like Cramer perhaps?) Or online writers, MSN/Yahoo/… Finance; Seeking Alpha/Motley Fool; bloggers, that you find are worth listening to?

How I’d love to find a hidden Michael Burry smiley

none. i check guru focus to see what the greats are buying but thats about it.

Kevin O’Leary.

Who is that? Doesn’t look like Meredith Whitney, does she?

^^ thats Linzie Janis. #1 financial news journalist in the world. bloomberg is the only tv i watch… the live shows in the asia/europe hours are better than the NY shows… the guests are always industry people


Meredith Whitney had her 15 minutes of fame. She is the female version of Nouriel Roubini.

Bill O’Reily

John Stewart