Which one is better "SchweserPro (Online + Download)" or "SchweserPro (CD)"?

Hey guys I wanna order for the Schweser Qbank. Which one of these alternativse you guys think is better SchweserPro (Online + Download) or SchweserPro (CD) ? Thanks in adv for any advice

I am a cadidate level 1.

Online with it you can access it from anywhere, I opted for online version

I would go with the Online version, as it is accessible anywhere and always updated. I believe there were a few challenges with this the last few days before the exam, however, as so many users were accessing it, however. I purchased the CD (and plan to again for L2) simply because we live in a rural area and high speed internet is still not available yet at our home, and I use it there more than the office. But that was the only reason. Prior to purchasing it for level 1, I emailed Schweser’s customer service and had asked their opinion of which I should use, being I had dial-up service, and they recommended the CD. Hope this helps…

all depends on what’s good for you. perks of the CD- you don’t have to be online. plane rides for example, if you don’t have internet connection somewhere but have a portable laptop, etc. also, close to test time, the online has been known to be a bit slow, CD you wouldn’t have to deal. that said, i go online b/c I can’t download the CD here at work, so online I can access before/afterwork anywhere I have internet. works for me. CD I think you get 2 downloads and 2 only, so you’d have to know that you’ll be doing the work on 1 or 2 computers only. your call- do what works with your schedule/life better. online works better for me, but i could see performance-wise if you know you’re only going to be on 1 laptop or something, then the download CD might be a very easy option.

Download worked well for me. The month prior to the test a lot of candidates were having trouble accessing the website because of server load levels, thus making the online version suck.

Hej guys thanks for all advice I have heard that it is possible to download the questions on line first ,and then take the exam without any problem ;which it will not face with any Schweser down webpage.Is that true? How do you think about this???