Which one is better "SchweserPro (Online + Download)" or "SchweserPro (CD)" ?

Hey guys I wanna order for the Schweser Qbank. Which one of these alternativse you guys think is better SchweserPro (Online + Download) or SchweserPro (CD) ? Thanks in adv for any advice

come on guys, Please, any suggestion…

IMO online is better. You can access Schweser online anywhere you have internet, but you can only install the CD version on 2 comps I think. The only drawback of Schweser online is that sometimes their servers can be slow. I remember about a week before the June 08 test, you couldn’t do anything on the Schweser site for like a day. Overall though, this isn’t much of an issue.

Agreed – online’s better. You can access it from anywhere and it automatically updates when they add / correct questions. Online downside, as Topher mentions, is if their servers go down – which was really annoying. But if that happens there are always other things to study . . .

I have heard that it is possible to download the questions on line first ,and then take the exam without any problem ;which it will not face with any Schweser down webpage.Is that true? How do you think about this???

IMHO get the CD if you don’t have much free time in office.This is beacuse you don’t need to be connected to the web plus in CD you can really change from one mode to another and another and another without having to spend time for opening of each page.

You can print out the questions if you like, take the test, and the quickly enter your answers so you can analyze your performance. I only had a problem with the website that one day – granted it was the Saturday before the exam – but as I said, there’s always a mountain of other material to study.

Thanks Gideon. Right slution, It seems wisely.