Which one is better to reconvert

Hi evryone,

I Currently working in audit branch for a Bank in the Data Analysis part.

I have a bachelor degree in Statistical and Business Intelligence.

From lot of interview i made in the past, lot of recruiters said that I have technical skills (programming, modeling, database knowledge) but I have a lake of knowledge in Accounting, Risk, Finance and Compliance.

Whereas, after my job in Audit, I would like to evolve in my bank company by having a job in finance or risk.

I heard about two certifications : CFA and FRM.

Could someone tell me the differences between the both certificates ? I read lot of papers about CFA and FRM but it’s difficult for me to understand job possibilities from each of them.

CFA seems to be for investors job but i’m not sure…

Thank you in advance for your help!


CFA is generally for fundamental research or asset management.

FRM is more quantitative and focuses on risk measurement.

If you want to work in risk management, FRM would probably be more useful. However, when in doubt, why not take both?