Which one to use for L2? Stalla vs. Schweser

Hello, Please advise which one you used for L2 and why? Thx

It seems most of the people recommend Schweser, but I still cannot make up my mind, because I used Stalla for Level 1 and I felt they did a pretty good job. I wish more people comment on their Stalla experience with L2 , what worked, what didn’t. I thought Peter Olinto’s video lectures were awesome for L1, does he teach L2? Thanks

Olinto did FRA (and perhaps 1 or 2 other sections I don’t remember) for L2 the past 2 years. And I agree he’s awesome, highly recommend for those who have trouble with FRA. David Hetherington (sp?) was also pretty good I thought. The other lecturers IMO aren’t worth your time. As for the books I don’t think there is much of a difference in quality between Schweser and Stalla (I used Schweser for L1, Stall for L2), and if you are just getting the books I would recommend Schweser just because it is cheaper.

^^^ Agree with the post above. I used Stalla for both L1 and L2. I passed L2 on the first attempt but the lectures other than Olinto and Hetherington (probably about 4 or 5 topics) were useless. I read all of Stalla’s lecture notes, did all of the Passmaster questions and did multiple practice tests (I think I did 4 full practice tests in all). I didn’t read any of the CFA material and didnt do the CFA EOC questions, so you can pass using only Stalla. I plan to use Stalla again for L3 since I am already so familiar with their format.

Thank you Skyro & CFAontheway! @ CFAontheway - how did you find the level of difficulty of the Passmaster Questions for L2? Close to the real exam or not really… Were you confident after the exam that you passed? Thanks

I used Schweser for L1 only, except couple of reads from CFA books for ethics. I had a great experience with it and note taking / forumla sheet strategy seemed to work for me with Schweser. I think I will combine Schweser + CFAI books - Larger weighted topics such as FRA, Ethics, and Equities I will do with CFAI Books, and others possibly with just Schweser. And of course doing EOC questions for every topic.

I studied the Schweser books for several hundred hours (way past 700) and was stunned to see several questions on the exam in which I did not even understand what they were asking. I read the Quant material four times and really knew what Schweser was teaching. But, missed all six questions on the actual exam. So, like pretty much ever other question on this topic, if you do the actual subject for a living or you studied it in depth in college, you may do.