which one will b hard?

is the morning or the afternoon session likely to b tough one? As far as i know last time morning session was the tough exam, so maybe this time it wud b afternoon one. I somewhat want to b mentally prepared for this. I hate surprises! Any inputs?

Dude it’s a total coin flip. History tells us that one session will be perceived more difficult than the other. I’d rather have a hard AM session so that I could finish up the PM section strong and leave feeling good about the exam.

I’d love that the morning be the easy one, so that I have more confidence going in the afternoon knowing that it’d be extremely hard for the afternoon alone to beat me out of the exam.

For L1 last year I thought the morning was pretty tough. I remember being pissed off at lunch thinking that I was done for if the PM was anything like the AM. I destroyed the living crap out of the PM portion, probably scored 85+ on the PM. I left the exam feeling so damn good.

I came out of the L1 AM session in Dec '08 just knowing that I had passed it. But I also knew it meant that the PM session would be tougher…and it was. But I reached a certain point in the afternoon where I knew that I had probably done well enough to squeak by overall…and I did. My personal preference? Easier AM session…

December L1 AM was a breeze. I remember thinking that I studied too much. PM was definitely harder and I was even rushed for time. Hoping both are like the AM bc I need it.

Isn’t the answer obvious? I’d prefer the AM to be easy, followed by an easy PM.