Which position would you take?

Hi, I’m currently working as a risk analyst for a small boutique shop with responsibilities in both market & credit risk. I’ve always been interested in working for a big bank and I now have that opportunity. But the problem is that, this position is for this group called Global Regulatory Group. My responsibility is going to be performing BASEL II capital analysis. It sounds kinda boring but at least I can put my foot in the door. What do you guys think? Should I take it? Btw, I just passed the FRM exam and I think it’s going to be of no use if I take that job.

Take the Job. FRM and CAIA, for me, only look pretty on my resume and business card. Other than that, there really mean nothing to me. If you have always wanted to test yourself in a big bank; then go ahead and try it out. Getting a big bank brand on your resume may be more useful than our FRM.