Which practice exam closely resembles real exam???

People, There are tougher practice tests and easier ones. Conflicting opinions about what really resembles real exam is not helping… if people who have given level I at least once throw some light on the issue it will be of great help… This is purely to have a consensus … Which of the following resembles real exam?? a. Shweser Question Bank b. Mock Exams c. Shweser Practice Exams d. Sample exams d. Others ____________

i believe the CFA Mocks are closest

CFA Mocks definitely. The wording and phrasing of the questions is the key difference. Practicing with CFAI material helps get you used to what the real test will be like. Schweser is great, but much more technical. It teaches you how to use the tools necessary, but if you only use Schweser you might be thrown off on the real day. Of course, all of this is relative to how familiar and comfortable you are with the material. If you are still shaky, I would go with CFAI mocks and samples and then use Schweser Q bank to practice on weaker areas.