Which prep material to chose if you have A LOT of time to study

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A very common question I have read so far is which prep material is best to use to study for the FRM. It is hard to find a consensus from the answers as most materials have their pros and cons…however all the answers assume you need to save the most time because you are also trying to balance with a high demand and long hours type of finance job.

My firm has recently closed so unfortunately for me I have a lot of time these days and have the luxury to spend 4-6 hours studying each day or more if necessary. So i ask the same question, which prep material or combinataion of materials to use?

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There’s no consensus on what FRM materials to use because nobody buys materials from all 3 major providers (BT, Shwesser, and GARP) and then does an exhaustive comparison.

However, pretty much every candidate believes that the choice that they made was the best one.

I personally wouldn’t choose to use the long boring official materials (Jorion text, original readings, etc) even if I had an infinite amount of time to spend studying. But others will tell you different.