Which prep provider has the best practice exams?

Hi everyone, I was considering buying a practice exam book from one of the prep providers and was wondering if anyone had any opinions of whether to go with Schweser, Stalla or someone else? The Schweser one is $150 and the Stalla one seems to be the same price basically. Do they have the same number of practice exams? Any opinions on which is superior? Thanks.

Same number…no idea which one is superior as most people haven’t taken both. Probably very equal.

At L1 I thought the Stalla practice exams were harder than the real test. At L2 I thought they were a little too easy compared to the real thing. I have no idea what to expect at L3, but I do plan to use the material.

You can use 2000-2007 CFA essay exam. That is 8 exams right there for free. Personally, I am using Schweser…they were very hard in L2 (that was a good thing)

Thanks for the input. Where did you find the 2000-2007 CFA essay exams? On the CFA Toolkit page I only found 2005-2007, is there somewhere else to look?

search CFASuccess and you’ll find the link.

Just google cfasuccess…first link I think