Which Question Bank is the best???

Hey guys, I am writing L2 for the second time and I need your opinion on which materials I should use. I am starting my 3 month study program today and this should take me to exam day. I wanted to use questions extensively so that I get the best preparation possible on that front. Which question banks and additional material do you guys recommend?

It’s hard to compare as most people only buy from one company - but I’ve got few complaints with Schweser’s QBank.

Thats my concern. I used Schweser last year and it didnt turn out to be anything like the exam, not that I expected it to be exactly the same, but I did hope that there would be some element of resemblence particularly with the level of difficulty

Schweser was much more technical and calculation specific than the exam, which was more concepts. But that’s no bad thing, as in real life you tend to need the actual answer! The CFA institute’s own exams seem to be most similar, but I’m happy to stick to QBank until before the exam (so to learn the concepts and techniques), but do the CFA practice exams a week or two before in order to get used to the style.