Which sample is better: #2 or #3?

I only have time to do one of them… Which is more relevant?

p.s. please don’t reveal the contents :stuck_out_tongue:

they are both pretty good. people have been scoring higher on 3, i think. i took both and got the same score. i think you’re fine with either.

Take #3 if you want confidence, #2 if you want to pick up on some stuff not covered in schweser.

I’ll try to beat your 97% Mcleod

Slash Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’ll try to beat your 97% Mcleod Watch out for the ethics vignette, there’s a tuff one on there. :wink:

there’s a question on 3 which is a complete waste!.. so i say go with 2.

The third was too easy. I´havent studied well enough and normally get 65-75, but I got 90% on the third

do em both. If 40 dollars gives you that teensy bit of knowledge that pushes you over the edge isnt it worth it.

25/30. It was way too easy I think I lost 3 point on ethics: **** SPOILER *** . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . That suitability questions was weird. Also the fact that the football reffing took up a significant amount of time-- shouldn’t he seek permissions? It’s not always about compensation

Also, I HATED staring at a screen!!!

I agree with it being easy but it was because the options questions were a joke imho…am now convinced we won’t see any eq. options questions on the exam tomorrow and am bumming.