Which Schweser Package to buy


Which package do you recommend that I purchase through Schweser? I am debating between the essential package and the Schweser Notes package.

I would go with the basic schwesernotes package unless you want videos. You’ll get the books and a few mocks and can always buy other mocks if you need to. The essential package is a few hundred more and really only adds the qbank which stunk for level 2 last year… Not worth it.

I’m going for the just the SchweserNote Package or Wiley books myself. QBanks suck & I don’t need the vids.

Between BB, EOC, topic tests, mocks & flashcards, I have plenty to keep myself busy for revision. I might also pick up secrect sauce or 11th hour guide… but I’ll worry about that later.

Where did you get flashcards? Are they worth it for formulas?

If youre thinking of buying them from kaplan, i dont think the schweser flashcards are worth it. They are done by LOS and virtually useless given the sheer number of them. In the time that it would take you to sort through them and make a workable deck, you could just write your own cards. Just save your money and make your own.

Completely agree…Kaplan flashcards are worthless. Found them too “wordy” for what I use flashcards for (quick hit, reinforce concepts and formulas). Making your own saves you money…plus it helps that your writing out concepts as you are making them.

Did the secret sauce help?

it’s pretty good for what it is, which is really just an even more condensed version of the schweser notes. I liked it because of the size, very easy to carry in a laptop back/etc without adding toms of weight. It was nice to have for when i could sneak away at work for 20-30 mins and do a few practice questions. I do think it’s a tad overpriced and not quite as useful at L2 as it was at L1 (same goes for the quicksheet.)

Anyone else think secret sauce isn’t worth it for level 2?

Just notes because this is the cheapest solution and quite enough for passing an exam. Use CFAI portal tools instead.

Depends on candidate overall ability, for me it wasn’t necessary. Anyway, if you use it, I 'd recommend use it only in the last phase for quick repeating because this just covers the basic concepts. IMO, it cannot be the substitute for curriculum or entire Schweser material.

I made them myself for L1. No way I would spend $150 on those things… also as others have said, the sheer volume of the schweser ones is mental.

Whenever I got an answer wrong during revision (on a topic test or mock etc…) I’d make a flashcard of the formula or concept of that question.

This time around for L2 I’ll probably make some of the more difficult concepts & formulas during my read through/note taking stage.

None! Stick to the curriculum!

What do you guys plan to do with Derivatives with no EOC and only 1 Topic Test?

I would seriously consider getting Schweser videos. They really helped me digest the material much better.