Which Schweser Questions are most like CFAI questions?

I think we can safely say that Schweser questions are more quant-based and CFAI questions are much more theory-based. My question is what if we just practiced using the Schweser easy QBank questions. I haven’t confirmed this but i’m guessing hard questions = complicated forumlas and calculations and easy questions = conceptual questions? so by practicing the easy QBank we can get a more realistic example of the exam. Ok my brain is fried…don’t laugh but anyone care to weigh in on this theory?

My brain is fried too. :slight_smile: The QBank questions are a bit too easy, and the Schweser practice exams are too quantitative and time-consuming, for the most part. The CFAI exams are more conceptual in nature, but still have some quant problems. However, in the three CFAI sample exams I took, the quant problems usually involved 1-2 fewer steps than those of the Schweser tests.

was told by a few folks that the real exam is more conceptual than quant.