Which Schweser Vids are the MOST useful (if any)?

I bought the Schweser vids but I haven’t even had the time to go through them all. I’m trying to get 30 mins in a day when I’m in the gym …

For those that have used/are using them, any suggestions for the most beneficial Schweser vids for the AM portion of the exam??

Have them, found them to be useless.

This far before the exam, so many things you could do with better ROE, read Schweser, study formulas, do EOC, mocks, blueboxes…

They might have had some use before, at this point I doubt it.

You might be tempted to watch them to “get your money back”, even as finance professionals sometime when fall to biases without knowing it. The fact is you bought them and you are better off letting them go to waste than spend time watching them. I had that same issue and I wasted some time to watch them…

Just like I spent time doing 6 Schwser AM’s even though I did not find them to be useful…

anything with Marc LeFuerve (sp?) is useless

i might ask for a refund

lol, yeh i watch 0 of his videos.

i miss andrew holmes and the british guy from level I, good old days

If you’re taking a break, and arn’t doing anything. Turn on a video, and just listen to it. You might pick up something

complete waste of time at this stage… only marginally better than going and knocking one out.

If it’s a Greg Filbeck video, you can use mute and read the slides yourself. You’ll do a better job.

Totally agree that now is not the time to be watching any videos. The last ones I watched were from a 3-day review seminar a couple weeks ago. Since then it’s been all mocks and old exam questions + Mind Maps. That said, if you really feel a need to brush up on something by watching/listening (e.g. if you’re on the exercise bike), the behavioral finance segements by Bruce Kuhlman ain’t bad.