Which study material/source works well for the CFA Ethics part

Hej guys I have registered for the CFA L1 exam on Jun2009. I have Msc in finance and accounting, Bsc in accounting. I was reading the forum discussion and it seames that Schweser studynotes is highly recommended for CFA L1. But is the Shweser Ethics a sufficient study source for the CFA L1? You guys! do you have any sugesstion, recommend, or experience for the Ethics part? Many thanks for any suggestion and advise

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For ethics most people recommend using the CFAI curriculum notes, as there are lots of examples and ethics is a finicky beast. You really need to have read the raw stuff - the information is not that compressible.

Hej Chrismaths what you mean by CFAI curriculum notes? Is it published by CFA institute, where can i get that??

The CFA material referred to are the readings books you receive from CFA Institute. It’s included in your registration fees. If you use the search function, you’ll find the CFAI materials vs. study notes question has been discussed probably more than any other topic.

Hey Nitoha Question: I also have an accounting background a Bsc in Accounting, licensed CPA, and I am registered for the June L1 '09 exam. What’s your motiviation or reason to pursue the CFA coming from an accounting background?

What i can see in the job market soon or late the market will be needed for more Finance educated and more on CFA designation degree. what i believe is that in the job market having a bachelor or master is not sufficient for the porpose of getting a better career.Having a CFa beside of that its something which you can always be proud and mor eover garantte yout future life

Read the actual CFAI text and then knock out a ton of ethics questions after doing the ones in the book (move to Qbank or Passmaster).