Which study material/source works well for the CFA Ethics part

Hej guys I have registered for the CFA L1 exam on Jun2009. I have Msc in finance and accounting, Bsc in accounting. I was reading the forum discussion and it seames that Schweser studynotes is highly recommended for CFA L1. But is the Shweser Ethics a sufficient study source for the CFA L1? You guys! do you have any sugesstion, recommend, or experience for the Ethics part? Many thanks for any suggestion and advise

Those who have passed normally say you must study CFAI on ethics, and also you study it last. I followed the first bit of advice. Best wishes.

Hej JOE2010 what you mean by CFAI, does it have a certain book or note?

Joe meant that study from CFAI’s books you get shipped after registration…

You mean CFA institute curriculums( those 6volumes of books) which is send after registeration ?

Yeah, sumz has summed it very well. Volume 1 is Ethics & QM. Green in colour. nitoha, where are you from?

I am from Sweden. How come?

Just interested. Have a Swedish friend who goes by nitoha in a d/t forum. Good luck.