Which study option would you choose...

A) Stalla’s 2008 Standard System (includes Live Weekly Classes in DC) - $545 B) Schweser’s 2008 Essential Solution Package (No Classes/Video CD’s) - $492 (Supplemented with Stalla’s 2007 Notes, Practice Exams, & Video CD’s …sunk cost) C) Other (ie, Stalla’s Enhanced System, Schweser’s Premium Solution, Stalla’s current course w/Schweser’s Q-bank, etc.) Thanks for your input!

Schweser’s Premium.

Any other thoughts or opinions?

I’m getting Schweser Essential… Hopefully that’s enough (it’s all I have time for, plus I would never go to a class/watch VCDs). I found the Level I material adequate…

Analyst notes

I can second Analyst Notes, I’ve used them for Level II and passed. Some of the questions were a bit outdated and there was lots of errata, but for the price - $69 at the time - was a good value and good practise, and it suplemented CFAI readings quite well.

Used Schweser for lvl 1 and was pls’d with it - except derivatives sections which in my opinion were rubbish / confusing I am planning on using Schweser Essential and loads of practice questions