Which subjects MUST be studied using cfai?

Hi all Just done reading schweser. Now its review time. Any subjects i should re read using cfai, apart from behavioral finance? Btw is the qbank good for the multiple choice section? Most ppl have bad things to say about it… Thanks

Ethics, maybe GIPS, and definitely anything that has the word “IPS” in it.

Qbank sucks but I still use it every year. The question quality is not that great but you can’t drill subjects with any other system as efficiently, so i still deal with it. It’s painful to pay the $300 but I still think it helps.

I passed with Schweser only, so it’s possible to not use CFAI texts at all. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone - use your best judgment for your own preparation.

Re: QBank. I think people mistakenly use this as a simulation for the actual L3 exam. This is not the intended purpose of the system. QBank should be used to quickly check your basic knowledge of many sections. Once you identify your weak sections, you can target those sections for a focused review. In my opinion, QBank is the most efficient way to do this sort of review.

Schweser does a decent job with the individual IPS, but is nowhere near as good with institutional IPS.

Gips and ips then… Tks

Im generally a big advocate of schweser, but man, i disagree on this one… i thought they really skimped on IPS in general.