Which subjects one can fail but can still pass the exam

Guys, finding Derivative and Quant hard. Would anyone have idea, which subjects and how many subjects together someone can fail, but can still pass the exam?

Similarly, which subjects are must not fail to pass? I’m guessing Ethics, FRA, Equity and Corp. fin.

Shoot for 70%+ on the exam and you will pass. Try to have a firm grasp on the key points from each topic area and make sure you know Ethics, Equity, and FRA very well as they are more than 50% of the exam.

Guys, any idea on this?

Fiddle around with the topic weightings all you want but in the end your guess is as good as ours… Kind of like arguing if the MPS will be 63 or 64% – at this point hammer out 3-4 EOC questions in the time you would spend wondering about something you’ll never be able to know/game

as long as overall section average above the hurdle rate, it will be a pass.

if you look at passing score break downs from previous years post, it will become clear to you.

go search something like “2010 official exam results level 2” and you should find those kind of posts

  • Alternative Investments 18 *- - - Corporate Finance 36 * - - - Derivatives 36 *- - - Economics 18 * - - - Equity Investments 72 - - * - Ethical & Professional Standards 36 - - * - Financial Reporting & Analysis 72 - -*- - Fixed Income Investments 36 - *- - Portfolio Management 18 * - - - Quantitative Methods 18 * - -

This was a pass last year, however don’t expect this to happen ever again, unless the CFA goes back to the pre 2003, every who signs up gets a charter, grading scale

^ that was an ugly one!