Which topic area are you hoping will be and won't be in it?

I personally hope residual risk and return won’t be tested, I’m skipping that section completely. And hope they have lots of item sets on free cash flow, i’ve covered that quite a bit.

I hate the Porter’s 5 forces and strategy stuff. With most of the math stuff, even if you don’t remember the formulae exactly, you can generally bootstrap your way to 50-50 or better if you know a general relationship.

For some of the “soft” questions, I can come up with equally plausble reasons for two answer choices and have to wonder what the question writer is thinking about.

I am speculating wildly here, but we all know that there are some things you just HAVE. TO. KNOW. to pass this thing. I’d bet that things like “malleability” or “threat of substitutes” versus “rivalry” lead to 1/3 of a point expected value more often than anything with an (r-g) in the denominator among those who will pass.

Also, there WILL be some stupid bid-ask currency or carry trade thing in econ that will get me.

Yes, skipping the RR AND active management stuff myself.

Dont want to come - EVA/EP (it’s the same thing, no?), MVA. soft dollars (drives me up the wall), currency swap.

Want to come - Forward rate agreement, PBO stuff, easy equity!

I could do ethics, quant, options, and fixed income in my sleep, but swaps trip me up all the time and the venture capital acquistion method get me twisted around. And I also hate accounting in general, so this has been a fun journey for me :slight_smile:

Swaption/swap/FRA. At this point I don’t know if it’s worth my time to dig.

I love the residual risk in PM. It’s very straightforward as it’s just a simple optimization problem.

I HATE econ theories … They drive me crazy and put me in a bad mood during the exam … And we Can’t forget about “your strategy needs a strategy” which I think is very subjective to be in an MCQ

Also I’m confused by soft dollars… And could not master silly CDS, after reviewing it for 3 times I still don’t know what we’re supposed to know about it