Which topic should i start with?

I started with Ethics, but i cant seem to get my way to them, i feel like im wasting my time.

Which topic should i start with?

Well no topic is a “waste of time” considering you are tested on all of them. However I have found that saving Ethics for last has worked well for me. I just take Ethics, move it to the back and then go in order from there.

I believe a lot of people skip Ethics and leave it for the end. That’s what I usually do and I start with the topic right after Ethics (Quant in the case of Level I) and move through the readings in order.

If this is your first time studying for Level I, do not underestimate Ethics and think it is just easy common sense. Read the recommended guidelines and know each standard.

Good luck!

My suggestion is that you start with something that interests you the most. This will give you momentum. For me, the most motivating study material was the quantitative readings. That’s me though.

Keep in mind that some sections are dependent on others as topics may be introduced first elsewhere.

I started out with Financial Reporting and Analysis. Basis my review of the readings, I think it makes more sense to target the practical portion of the curriculum first. Then target the theoritical portion. Also, to start, you can take up the subject that interests you the most.

If you don’t want to start with ethics, quants would be what I would start with. So many of the other topics use what you learned in quants so it’s important to have that as a good foundation.

I’ll second what someone else said though; don’t underestimate ethics. Those are easy points on the exam once you have a good understanding so it’s definitley not a subject you want to put off until the last minute.

If it’s really that miserable for you, maybe divide ethics up and mix the sections in between your other topics; either way make sure you have a good grasp on ethics.

Financial Reporting and Analysis should be good to start off with as it is also heavily tested on the exam.

Start with first three chapters of Quants. Time Value of Money, Discounted Cash Flow App, Statistical Concepts and Market Returns

If you’re totally new to the topics, I recommend starting with equity investments, then going on to FRA. Personally, it was hard for me to start right away with FRA, because I wasn’t familiar with the types of investments.

Equity investments gives a broad understanding of the securities you will approach throughout your studies.

In the case of Ethics, I would recommend leaving it for last.