Which volume in CFA I is the most difficult?

Which volume would you say requires the most time and effort?

Either FRA or Equity/FI

FRA was the most time-consuming for me. I thought equity was very straightforward.

FSA, duh

I thought the section on derivatives was quite difficult. In terms of study time, FSA is the most time consuming.

Though FSA was time consuming but it was interesting. I had found Ethics to be tricky or at least they required active presence of mind while judging the situations especially when deciding about which standard was being violated.

Although FSA was time consuming for me, I found quant to be quite challenging.

Both quant and FSA are difficult but not necessarily because the material is overly complex (Not easy:) ). I think these topics are challenging because there is so much material. If one had to learn probability theory in isolation it would not be so bad but this combined with the numerous other topics and subtopics makes it challenging. For this reason alone, most people need to start preparing well in advance of the exams

Econ is the most time consuming for me…Still 4 more chapters.

Definitely going with FRA…accounting in general is just too boring

of course it totally depends on one’s background, for me FRA is the most time consuming by far

FSA by far for me.