Which would you pick?

Between now and the end, if you had a choice between A. Cracking open Schweser sample exams book 2 and B. Repeating all CFAI EOC MC vignette questions Which would you pick and why? Thanks

I would go with CFAI EOC based on past tests

I agree with CFA EOC and maybe even last years EOC. Main reason, that’s what i’m doing and they ain’t no mo accurate than the CFA ones… AND I’m killing Schweser Qbank, which I know isn’t the Schw. mock, but not quite passing the CFA mock. Again, Im going back to the horse’s mouth…

did the CFAI EOC change from last year?

the show NY Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > did the CFAI EOC change from last year? Holy Crap !! They arent!!.. Didn’t realize. I’m starting my EOC assbusting tomorrow after my past weekend of mocks and tying up prior loose ends…

I just finished up exam 1 in book 2 last night and I had planned on completing the remaining 2 exams. However, after reading this post and thinking about all people that did not pass last year - despite fantastic scores on Schweser practice exams - it makes me realize a comprehensive review of CFAI EOCs may add more value.