White Person + Asian Person = $



Here’s an interesting piece of data: According to Pew, American newlywed couples composed of a white person and an Asian person, on average, have the highest annual incomes— more than all-white couples, all-Asian couples, white-black couples, or any other kind of mixed-race couple you can come up with.

Frank are you paying attention?

Did they try to input a control for gender of the asian person and white person?

I wonder if there is anything there…

I suspect that this phenomenon is at least partly because a lot of white-asian couples meet in medical school, business school, law school…

Folks that don’t attend higher education are less likely to spend time socializing with people outside of their own community.

I bet this has to do with the education. Mixed couples most likely meet in college, grad school, or a professional environment which requires college or graduate school degrees. So it would make sense for the Asian person who marries a non-Asian person to be already part of the higher educated subset.

Pretty soon they are gonna have to openly discriminate against asians in American Universities. With a few billion asians all set on going to study in the US it’s inevitable.

I can’t wait to tell my grandkids about how when I was a young man, being white and protestant meant that you were privledged and had power.

“Really Grandpa? You mean Asians didn’t always run the world?”

Welcome to 10 years ago, recent article details the developments over the past decade: