Who are the Stalla instructors on the DVD this year?

Can anyone share who all the instructors are for the Stalla self-study DVD? Thanks

Stalla was able to respond to my request, finally. The answer to my question, in case anyone is interested, is Peter Olinto, David Hetherington, Ben Jones, and Darren DeGraaf. Darren is new this year. In my opinion, based on last year, Ben Jones is awful. All he does is read from the slides, provides no color or examples or explanation. If anyone has any experience with any other self-study program, I would welcome your input on them.

So far I have gone through the first two study sessions and the lectures were given by Peter Olinto. Hopefully he does the majority of them.

Peter Olinto is great I had him for level 1, both live and on DVD. I’m using Schweser now for level 2, and not that impressed with the instructors so far. Probably a good choice with Stalla for L2 presentations. Good luck

Use this product only if you have plenty of time…it is time consuming, and many parts were either too simple (for me) or they were too repetitive.

I agree Ben Jones is awful. Olinto is by far the best out of all of them, it makes non sense why he wouldn’t be doing the entire cirrculum?

just watched my first ben jones lecture - the worst