Who can see my results?

Hi guys,

does CFA Board of Memeber in, for example, London get from CFA Institute results of how many people did take exam in London and the name of those people? So if I did not pass the exam in London does the Chartholder in London knows that I failed?

Or all results stay in the USA?



Yes the ‘Chartholder’ in London knows everything, so you better not fail.

SO, NTG , you don’t know the answer.

I would like if someone could explain to me,who can see the result.

P. S. Is there any other CFA Forum because people are here so frustrated…

Unless someone hacked your account, nobody has access to your result.

However, don’t use same password as for Google, FB, LinkedIn etc. Use password length at least 8 characters with lower and upper letters, numbers and special characters and change it at least each 90 days and do not recycle the password (aka use the same password as prior). It shouldn’t be any meaning of your password in any world language including ancient languages. Even, then your password may be hacked and hypothetically someone may have access to your results.


The probability that someone has access to your result may not be excluded.


Only people who have passed Level 5 can see your result.

Only people who have passed Level 4 know about Level 5.

People who have passed Level 3 and are studying for Level 4 aren’t allowed to talk about Level 4. Many will say it does not exist as a ploy to increase their chances of passing.

AF is full of closet gays, so they are frustrated that they cannot let loose, so to speak.

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CFAI can tell you who if someone is on their list of charterholders, but they can’t tell you who sat for a test or the result. It is recommended that you do not misrepresent your candidacy status though. There was a case a few years ago when someone lied and the person who found out (cough *itera*) reported her and got her blackballed.

Don’t sweat it. I failed Level I the first time I took it (Band 10).


In the monthly CFA journal there are pages listing the names of failed candidates of each level from around the world. There is another section for those who have failed multiple times with the pages serrated so you can easily tear it out and hand to your HR person. People found to be on these lists have their resumes directly deposited into the recycling bin.

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