Who else feels sc**ed ?

I failed Level1 band 10 last June and had to relocate to change job (from management accountant to financial controller)… Leaving my previous flat + organization of relocation + adapt to new environment + new co worker jalous of my promotion as they think they should have obtained it + drawning market have have me to work crazy hours to get the understaffed dpt running … I feel that I’ll fail miserably Level1 on my second attempt … I think that doing well in my new position is better (at least for the time being) than passing Level1 any of you facing the same kind situation ?

Scaled like a fish. Very painful indeed.

haha scaled

thanks for ur word JoeyD !! I appreciate it !! I fell lucky to have a job (still not glamourous asset management or equity research but good middle office in banking) but I’m sure i’ll learn a lot as I’ll get exposure to a lot of important stuff ok I should go back to study instead of whinning here, thanks again !!

I too, fortunately have a job. However I manage to get NO studying done on the weekdays, and have just finished reading the materials. Though I have a background in Finance, I’m petrified when I see the detail to which people on this forum have prepared. Am taking a couple of weeks off to study though. Will crawl into a nice little hole and study myself to death.

I lost my job. While I’m not happy, I better pass this thing on my second attempt. Words can’t describe how much of a loser I’ll feel like if I fail Level 1.

Same here… feel more prepared than in June… understand the material better, etc. However I still manage to screw up when doing questions, and feel like I am not ready yet. I am hoping to boost my confidence by more reviewing and more practice, but am still scared to fail… again…