Who else has/is working for the triforce ?

So who else has or is working toward a CFA CPA MBA. If so what type of job do you have/do you want? Per Storko: Posted by: storko (IP Logged) Date: August 26, 2009 11:11PM If I may sir, The CFA MBA CPA can be represented by the tri-force, a triangular sacred relic that represents the essences of the Golden Goddesses. CFA = Triforce of Courage, which embodies the essence of Din MBA = Triforce of Power or Farore and finally, the CPA = Triforce of Wisdom or Nayru Once all three have been achieved, the holder of the Triforce allows anyone who touches it to make a wish that lasts until they die or the wish is fulfilled. Historically, holders have used their wish to run powerful empires (example, Gates, 1975) or hedgefunds (Soros, 1970) Good luck young one. Good luck.

I am working on the MBA/CFA combo right now (L2 candidate/starting MBA in the fall) and will go for a CMT afterwards. My interest in the CMT is mainly in learning the material as it is not very prestigious at the moment. CPA if you can earn a CFA/MBA combo is useless imo. Accounting only pays so far, sorry; the best paid positions overall are in portfolio management and the easiest way into a high paycheck is sales; Neither of which requires or even utilizes a CPA (and yes I understand how it could be valuable in analyzing fin statements, which decisions are based on; but working on the buy side, I call tell you no PM has the time to run that type of analysis on each individual equity position).

Storko’s post needs to be stickied. I’m looking at the CPA lightly during my MBA program. Consulting for a regional or big 4 firm is an area of interest. I’m an edu junkie at heart and may just do it for self actualization.

I’ve found that work experience is 10,000 times more powerful than any combo of CPA/CFA/CFP, etc (I’m discounting the MBA here–obviously, a top MBA is well worth it). Granted, I work in CRE finance, but few of the ballers have any kind of designation, let alone the triforce. Then again, maybe it’s just in my specific niche where designations are meaningless.

I agree getting the experience to level up. But sometimes you need the weapons for the end boss. I am level 3 CFA and almost done the ol MBA

it seems that: - no triforce combo -> rupees - triforce combo -> many more rupees - ingenuity, luck, hard work, striking out on your own (w/ or w/o triforce combo) -> infinite rupees

I have already attained the triforce, but can’t find the silver arrows that allow me to kill ganon.

The first thing that came to mind was an eiffel tower.