Who else is #!@%ed?

Anyone else lacking motivation this late in the game? I’m taking 7 days off from work so I understand the severity of things to come. I was studying and in the middle of the day this girl whom I’ve been talking to online texted me to meet up in the middle of the day. So I drop my studies and meet with her since we’ve never met. Things go well and then at the end she asks me if I have plans this weekend. My first reaction was “Oh not much.” I just got back recently. All you hardcores need more unmotivated people like me to bring down the average… Took Schweser exam 3 yesterday and got 59%. Yay for me.

Pass the exam. Get the girl. You win.

since you spent the whole day with her, better have got something out of it!

Slash - if she’s that worth it, then just re-take this thing next year ; )

^ If she’s that worth it, she could wait another week.

please show up on saturday

Slash if u ggoing down dont go down over a broad dude…rub one out n go report back to duty private

It wouldn’t be because of her, pimp. I was there because I wanted to. It could have been anyone. I didn’t get any but it was ok (wasn’t about that). All we did was talk, eat, and watch episodes of Family Guy. CPierce, I will definitely show up on Saturday… physically at least. Just for you! Ok, time to start studying!

i agree. this exam means a lot more