Who else is getting sick?!

Bring on the physical manifestations of stress! Whoo yaa!

if you’re seriously getting sick, i’d suggest not studying another minute and just resting up until the test. we’ve all studied enough, we know our stuff. these last 68 hours are not going to make your test with new knowledge (save the few last minute crammers here who are still getting through study sessions- you guys, all the power to you, push like insane maniacs). for everyone else who has been at this for a while now, guys, we know enough. we’ll get it done. rest up, relax, and just do what you know you are ready to do on saturday. you want your body physically to feel loose and healthy for this exam. it’s draining. you need to be well rested. go to bed buddy.

Yeah. This definitely didn’t happen last year. Can’t figure why I feel so much less prepared this year. With today being the 5th day of getting up and studying with virtually no break from 7am-11pm, I’m not surprised I’m feeling it.

Just man up, I took the Stalla mock with huge ass migraine. Just think, in 3 days we’ll have our lives back!!!

had fever last saturday, still fighting a little cold all this week, but feel ok thank god

Keep it up, everyone, only 3 days left and make sure you have enough sleep on Friday nights. We are almost there. On one hand, use every minutes you can, on another hands, 70% is to pass and we have 36 questions to screw:D

im kinda stressed coz ive started to make silly mistakes…