Who else is in the "didn't study enough and regretting it" boat?

I started studying in early January. Two weeks later, the market started melting down (again) and my workload went back through the roof. By about mid march I had basically written it off. The last 1.5 weeks I’ve gotten back into studying (secret sauce and q bank), since I am going to sit anyway. Scoring in the mid-60’s with only intermediate and advanced questions on the Q-Bank. Quant methods is my weak spot, despite that being one of the two books I actually read. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t written it off and at least put in some study time over the last 1.5 months. From what I gather, the actual exam will lop several percentage points off of Q-bank scores, so I am still at least a full 10 points from passing. Sorry; just thinking out loud and you know how misery loves company…

hey, thousands of us are in same boat. give it next time. try your best this time.

im in the “studied my A** off and still dont feel good” boat

skip, there are thousands in that boat too, but fewer than the boat that has SH*T what do i do?