Who else is sick just a few days before the exam?

Most definitely have a cold…not a bad one at this point, but worried it could get worse. Just my luck…

I am I went home for Thanksgiving, drank a lot, stayed up late every day, and when I got back I felt the sickness coming on. It started on Sunday, so I hope by game day it’s all out of the system. Sucks though.

oh noo that sux…i had this problem last year when I was taking one of the parts of CPA. Got sick of thanksgiving when i was planning to study the whole long weekend. Didn’t study as much as I planned since I had fever. Went in at 8am with a fever expecting to fail…during the test I realized I might pass. Ended up passing well. take bunch of Vc and echinacea

I’ve had a wicked cough since the weekend. Ah, the joys of winter in the northeast.

nasty bronchitis here…cant get rid of it. went to the doc today and got a shot. hope that helps before saturday!

I’ve avoided human contact for 2 weeks. Really lowers probability of catching something

I am feeling a bit sick. I was studying in a library but they seemingly do not know how to heat that place, and I spent a whole day sitting there, freezing. Now I just stay home.