who else is still cramming

beside me… I still have 48 minutes to complete PM reading from secret sauce. http://www.testtakingtips.com/cramming/index.htm

awesome dude - - I am pasting these on here I literally have a bowl of 15 apples that I have not used. I am def. going to eat at least 12 now . . . perfect Eat some food to give you energy to study but avoid consuming excess sugar which will make you hyper and will make it more difficult to study. An apple does a better job at keeping you focused and awake than caffeine. Find a well lit place with no distractions around to study but don’t get too comfortable or you may fall a sleep. Keep a positive attitude, it is easier to study when you are relaxed than when you are stressed out. Since your time is limited you have to choose what you study. Don’t attempt to learn everything, focus on things that will get you the most points on the exam. Focus on the main ideas and learn key formulas. Skip the details for now and only come back to them if you see that you have time after you have learned the key points. Write down the key ideas/formulas on a sheet of paper and keep on studying from that sheet, repetition is important. Highlight the important points in your notes, and text and focus on that. Read the chapter summaries (they usually do a good job at summarizing the important points). If there’re no chapter summaries then skim through the text and write down key ideas. Study from past tests, review questions, homeworks & review sheets. Take at least one five minute break an hour so that you can gather your thoughts and let your brain relax. If time permits, try to get at least 3 hours of sleep (one sleep cycle) before the exam so that you don’t fall asleep when taking your exam. Don’t forget to set your alarm!

3 hours of sleep may work for 45 minutes of exam but here we need to awake for 8 hours so it may not work

I’m still trying to cram… just trying to focus on Ethics, FSA, Corp Fin and Equity

yeah, I plan to get a full night of sleep tomorrow . . .

still got three books to review…

I’m finishing up the sauce too tonight. I didn’t use it for level 1 but I don’t think its a good study source. Going to review my notes tomorrow and pretty much relax.

I’m going to pseduo-cram all day today at work - why the fugg wouldn’t I? Don’t get the “don’t study the day before” shit, seems like a horrible idea to me. That being said, relaxing tonight, maybe go see that movie Hangover (looks pretty funny).

Still planning on Port Mgmt and Alt Inv today… with a push on swap pricing as well.

my mind is being very good to me today . . . I will cram as much as possible

no cram here. i’m giving my brain the day off so it can be on point tomorrow. you on point phife? all the time tip. i kicks the mad style so step off the frankfurter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRrM6tfOHds NOW i’m getting pumped to take this test. i may play tribe all day while studying ethics… bring this sh*t back old school.

tribe = tribe called quest? please say yes . . .


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