Who else is taking tonight off?

Studied from 10 to 6 today and will be going out to get some brews and some tail. Who is with me?

you are so gay

ahhh Sublimity…

i got started an hour ago because i practically slept all day heheheeh

fxguy1234 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ahhh Sublimity… : )

wow. sublimity, thats a pretty fruity smiley face. maybe you and fxguy can come together to be suxanyguyity1234. ZOOM ZOOM!!!

Hey Sublimity - 2 numbers tonite and I’m still in back by 12… How you like them apples? Skip you are a douche for saying that, but what else is new

nice work fxguy1234 : )

I guess imma take today off. Its 645am and I couldn’t sleep all night. I got 7 hrs of studying on friday and 5 hrs saterday.

^ no. get to bed now, see you at 1pm for an afternoon session. it’s april. there’s no crying in CFA studying. nap and see you online this afternoon my beantown homie. fxguy1234, nice work on the digits. what was your pickup line… “want to talk about butterfly spreads baby?” i’m up. going to crank econ today and some PM also. this easter is devoted to the little topics.

Bannijsa - I try to play the finance geek down when I go out… No pickup lines, just real talk. ZOOM ZOOM!! (as skip would say)

Owe man I never talk about being in finance. Idk but most of the people I know are going for JD, Masters, Phd, etc. that finance is nothing special esp when they come from an CS or Engin background. Also most girls really can careless. As your as your half decent looking, nicely dressed, aint cheap thats all the game you need. Just talk about them rather then yourself. Only a few of my friends ever heard of the CFA when they ask I say im doing a test for work. End of conversation.