Who else started in July 2012 for L1 DEC 2012

Wondering if any one here who started preparing for CFA in mid july or I am the only one…

I am trying to put 30 hour per week…I have 18 weeks in hand…(Background : Non finance )

Share your 18 week plan with your background. And will appreciate if people who prepared in 18 weeks can share their experience.


I started end of June… but could easily compare with your situation as I haven’t got much done… Although do have a finance background. I am currently running through the Schweser material, and may continue to use it given the time I have. and do EOC questions from CFAI and do more problems… I find it helpful watching videos before/after the reading… essentially while commuting… I also find it useful to revise the material/key concepts/difficult problems of the previosu reading before I start the current.

Lets see how it goes…

Good Luck…

I have just signed up for the december exam:) so i have to start studying.

My study plan is 1.5 SS per week plus 6 weeks of revision and mock exams. I am in an internship until 31st of august so i think i will start easier and then catch up.

I will pretty much start the beginning of September, doing it full time. Finance background.

@ana_georgiana90 ce faci ana? ma bucur ca nu trebuie sa iau examenul intr-o limba straina. bafta la examen!

I wonder if there is a correlation (or causation for that matter lol) between starting late and the very high failure rate in CFA exams.

Do you suggest that my english sucks?:))

I’m suggesting it would be difficult to take such a hard exam when English isn’t your first language. I lived in Romania for 2 years. Just trying to be friendly…

Doing 30 hours a week at this point seems like overkill.

Just kidding:) it’s true that english is not my first language but i have studied it since 4th grade and at the university i study everything in english so i know it sounds ridiculous but most of the financial terms i know better in english than in romanian.

How is that you lived in Romania?